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About Sandee

Never miss a chance to be charming....

When you wake up in the morning you are presented with many decisions. What to wear is one of the most important, yet most troublesome of all the things to decide for the day. I feel that we need clothing to set the mood for our experiences throughout the day, and that a piece of clothing can evoke a feeling just like a song or yummy food. You have a wonderful opportunity to bring happiness and charm to yourself and those around you through the outfit you choose to put on in the morning.

I design apparel that makes me feel happy and in turn, I can share that happiness with others. Many of us spend our days striving for impossible perfection. I now aspire to be simply charming. Charm covers a multitude of imperfections and makes people smile!

As you go through your day you have many opportunities to bring the essence of charm to your life and those around you. Your attitude, words and dress can carry a lovely message. Never miss a chance to be charming!

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