About Sandee

Never miss a chance to be charming....

When you wake up in the morning you are presented with many decisions. What to wear is one of the most important, yet most troublesome of all the things to decide for the day. I feel that we need clothing to set the mood for our experiences throughout the day, and that a piece of clothing can evoke a feeling just like a song or yummy food. You have a wonderful opportunity to bring happiness and charm to yourself and those around you through the outfit you choose to put on in the morning.

I design apparel that makes me feel happy and in turn, I can share that happiness with others. Many of us spend our days striving for impossible perfection. I now aspire to be simply charming. Charm covers a multitude of imperfections and makes people smile!

As you go through your day you have many opportunities to bring the essence of charm to your life and those around you. Your attitude, words and dress can carry a lovely message. Never miss a chance to be charming!

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Q&A with Sandee

How long has Sandee Royalty Designs been around?

I have had a formal business since 2010 but have been designing since college.  I settled on skirts as my focus when I opened my online shop because they are so versatile and fun. Fitting a skirt is easy also, which is great when sewing for so many different body types.  Having an online shop allows me to sell skirts all over the world instead of just to my local area. Since I opened, I think I have made over 4000 skirts!  Wow, that is crazy!

What is your customer service philosophy?

I am a people pleaser to a fault so I will do my best to help someone out with what they are looking for. I have a special place in my heart for brides so I tend to go out of my way to help them with skirts for their bridal party. I love it! I will also make my skirts to fit anyone that wants to wear one. I have made them for tiny gals who can't find anything to fit them except in the children's department and for bigger girls who want to dress cute and feminine but can't find skirts to fit their body type. I keep the sizing simple so it isn't confusing for my customers by only using their actual measurements instead of standard sizes.

Why do you model your skirts in your product photos?

I believe in being personal.  What could be more personal than showing you each design myself, on my own body, with excitement beaming on my face?  I probably don't have your exact shape and size but you can get an idea of what my designs look like on an average run of the mill person. With every photo, I say, "This is my favorite skirt, I know they are going to love it!"

How long have you been sewing?

As a child I began sewing as play while watching my mother sew. She would give me fabric and let me play with my little "sewing"machine that actually GLUED the fabric together. When I was in third grade I was allowed to use the real machine. My first project was a lavender gingham peasant style nightgown. My mom didn't hover and tell me how to do it, she just let me ask questions if I had any. She said it was really hard to quietly watch and that I didn't even bother to hem it. I happily wore it to bed that night. I am so glad that my mother let me think of sewing as play instead of a perfectionist project! I still feel that way today. Over the years of sewing, I have developed skills and figured out how to finish my garments beautifully but it has all been for fun. I always try to keep an element of fun in my sewing. That means choosing fabrics that are easy to sew and prints that make me happy.  

Do you sew everything yourself?

Yes, I make each skirt from start to finish one at a time.  While I sew, I am thinking of the person that will be wearing the skirt and hoping that they love it.

Where do you sew?

I have a lovely sewing studio with lots of natural light and it is super organized.  Each night I clean up the studio and get ready for the next day's sewing projects.  I also have sewing classes in my studio which is fun because sewing all day can be lonely. I have a spot for coffee and snacks for my students and I use it every day at 3:00 for my afternoon pick-me-up while sewing orders. 

What brand of sewing machine do you use?

I love Janome machines.  I have used them for years when they were New Home and love how they always stay the same in so many ways.  I have a Janome serger also.  It is a professional machine so it is quite loud but is a real work horse for me.  

Favorite flower?  Dasies

Favorite Color? Yellow because it makes me feel happy

Favorite Movie? You've Got Mail